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Choosing a web hosting plan today is both easy and confusing! It becomes easy when you know exactly what you need and it’s extremely confusing with all the available choices around. Being said, one is easily prone to fall into the marketing gimmick of a host. Consider yourself lucky if you are tied up with a responsible host providers, otherwise good luck! is a little venture of mine and my team in web hosting industry. We review web host in hope to help you avoiding bad host. We have the concept that only existing users are mange to give a real opinion on the host and therefore we feature user interviews here. We call it Insiders. If you are interested to become one of them, please kindly review your host.

For your information we are affiliated with most of the web host providers here. We are compensated for referral sales coming from our sites. Nonetheless, is absolutely an independently owned entity. We are a group of independent bloggers and webmasters and we strive to provide unbiased opinion on a host, based on both our experience and the interviews conducted.

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