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GoDaddy Hosting Review by Real User

This Godaddy Hosting review is done in a form of interview. We have interviewed ChaCha who has been hosting with Godaddy for more than 36 months. Pretty direct right? We want to learn about GoDaddy from the inside. Check out the interviewee’s response below.


Hello Charnita, thank you very much in participating this interview. I’m sure our readers are interested to learn about your experience with GoDaddy Hosting. Without further delay, can you please briefly introduce yourself?

Hi Everyone! My name is Charnita Fance, but most people know me as ChaCha Fance or simply ChaCha. I am a full-time online student at Full Sail University and I’m studying for my Bachelors of Science in Internet Marketing.

I am also a Freelance Writer, Blogger and just recently became a Ghost Writer as well. You can see most of my published work on my own blog Social Web Tools as well as Blogging Tips, Hongkiat, ToMuse and Work Your Office. With school and writing I really don’t have much time for anything else. Whenever I do have some spare time I’m usually playing games on my iPad, PC, or Wii; right now I’m really addicted to the Sims 2.

Are you a cat or dog person?

I’m a huge dog person! Everyone who knows me, also knows my spoiled little Maltese dog. His name is Valentino and honestly, he has quite a fan-base on Facebook and Twitter! He gets more comments and likes on his pictures than I do.

Can you tell us what do you do with your GoDaddy web hosting? How many sites you are hosting in Godaddy?

This might sound crazy, but I currently have 11 domains hosted with Godaddy, but honestly only 5 of those sites are actively used and updated regularly. All of the blogs I’m hosting with Godaddy right now are hobbyist blogs. A couple actually belong to my husband as well.

I only make a living from 2 of my blogs: one through Google Adsense and the other through sponsored reviews and ads. Social Web Tools is my most successful blog and the one that gets most of my attention. There I provide reviews on Web applications, Internet tools, software, gadgets, technology and things of that nature. I also provide tips on SEO, Internet marketing and making money online.

I really want it to be a place where you can go find out about the latest social media tools and technologies. I’m a social media addict and I love trying out new Web services and that is very evident within the content of my blog. I’m also hoping to expand to mobile apps since my husband recently bought me an iPad. Speaking of my husband, he is a music producer and he has 2 music related blogs of his own that are also on my hosting account. Right now he’s really focusing on his Fancey Beats blog and he’s trying to make a living by selling music beats there.

Which GoDaddy plan do you use and how long have you been hosted with them?

I currently have the Linux Deluxe hosting plan for $6.99/month. I see that the price has since gone up to $7.99/month, so I’m glad that I got in when it was cheaper. I love it because I have unlimited websites and bandwidth. When I first started in May 2008 I went with the Economy plan, but about 6 months down the road I wanted to create more websites, so I upgraded to Deluxe.

Can you tell us what makes you choose Godaddy in the first place?

When I first started my blog, I was really clueless; I didn’t know anything about blogging or web hosting, so Google was my best friend. I did some research on the best blogging platform and found WordPress. I then did a search for the best web host that provided WordPress hosting and found Godaddy. I looked up reviews on other websites to see how good they were and most of what I read was positive, so I decided to give it a go.

My main concern was being able to install WordPress within a few clicks. This was before I knew anything about websites, design, HTML or anything like that and I really didn’t want to learn it right then; I just wanted to install my blog and get started as soon as possible! I used Godaddy to register my domain and then I purchased a hosting plan along with it. Since I was new to the whole thing, I wasn’t sure what hosting plan to pick, so I just went with what was cheapest. I later realized that I needed more and upgraded.

Do they perform up to expectation after you have signed up?

Besides some occasional slow loading times and lack of a decent FTP client, Godaddy has been pretty reliable and has lived up to the expectations. I know that many have had serious issues with them, but I haven’t so far. I love their customer service and technical support because they’re very quick and responsive. Thanks to Twitter, I’m now able to get a response even quicker by just sending a quick tweet to @godaddy. My favorite featuring is definitely Hosting Connection.

Godaddy is famous with their Hosting Connections where there are 2.5 million pre-installed free applications to use. But the concern is, are they user-friendly enough to utilize? How do you find it?

When it comes to Godaddy’s Hosting Connection, I can definitely vouch for the user friendliness and ease of installing apps. Their WordPress installation and updating is the best. It takes me about 4 clicks to install WordPress and those clicks are mainly just verifying some information and creating an admin login. With updating, it takes 2 clicks and I can even pick the time that I want my blog to be updated. It’s very convenient and I have no complaints at all. The only other things I’ve only used Hosting Connection to install is SMF (Simple Machines Forum) on a sub-domain and it was just as easy.

Godaddy offer 150GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth in Linux Deluxe 4GH. Do they live up to their promise? Have you ever reach the limit and was asked to upgrade your plan?

I have 150GB of storage and with 11 domains I have never even come close to using that up. I’m currently only using 2% of my allotted storage among so I’m doing really good. Even when I only had 50GB I’ve never had an issue or reached the limit. I’m not sure how to check traffic statistics, but by looking at my actual blogs I have estimated an average total of 3000 – 4000 visitors per day across all of my blogs hosted with GoDaddy.

Do you host your email account with Godaddy? Do you access your email through your mobile device?

I don’t host my email with Godaddy. I did try it out in the beginning, but I don’t like the basic functionality and plain design. Plus, it was such an inconvenience accessing it through Godaddy. With the advancements in technology I’m sure it’s more advanced now, but I haven’t even looked at it since 2009. I currently use Gmail for my email needs.

How do you find GoDaddy in term of uptime reliability?

As I’ve mentioned above I do notice some occasional times when Godaddy is down. I’m a night owl and it seems that Godaddy is mostly slow loading or down late at night, but it usually only lasts 5 minutes tops and it’s not very often. I can honestly say that I’ve never received any complaints (that I can remember) from any of my readers about my blog being down. Like I said, most of the time it seems to be late at night or in the early morning. This is ideal because most people are probably sleeping around this time.

Have you dealt with the customer support of Godaddy before? What’s the case and how’s the experience?

The response time for for support is usually 24 hours, very rarely is it anything longer than that. I actually get a response just within a few hours through Twitter. I have never had to send more than one email regarding a problem and I’ve never had an unresolved issue. Of course, I really haven’t had too many issues with them at all so I may not be the best person to vouch for their support, but I can say that they are quick, helpful and pretty friendly most of the time.

Whenever I send a tweet mentioning them on Twitter, I get a response later that day or the next morning. They’ll usually ask me to DM them any sensitive information and they try to help as best they can. My only complaints lately have been slow loading times and there’s really not much they can do about that after the fact. They have, however, suggested a few plugins that I could install to help make my blog load faster.

Do you see any disadvantages in Godaddy? What are they? Will you think of switching host for that?

Right now I have no reason to switch from Godaddy to a new Web host. I have all of the tools and functionality I need and I really wouldn’t trade it for another host unless I absolutely had to. I will say that if downtime ever gets any worse than it is, I would consider switching because I don’t want to risk losing traffic due to slow loading times and frustrated readers. Though I don’t use them, Godaddy is always adding new tools and they really keep up with the competition. If I had to name one disadvantage, it would probably be their FTP integration. It has gotten better, but it still isn’t as great as it should be. I always have to use a desktop FTP client or FireFTP in Firefox. It’s not that big of an inconvenience where I’d want to switch host altogether though.

Do you have any words to host seekers before we come to an end?

Be sure you do your research. The Internet is great because you can find reviews for just about anything now. It’s really good to read reviews prior to choosing a Web host just to make sure they’re worth the money. Also be sure that they offer the features that you’ll need. Everyone is different and has different needs for their blog. What may be perfect for me, might just be your worse nightmare!

Thank you for your time ChaCha!

Thank you! 🙂

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