Best Web Hosting Reviewed

We pledge to differ and come out with this project – Insiders’ Host Review. Our objective is quite simple and straightforward. We want truth! We want to know the real quality of a web hosting before spending a dime. It’s a big project here and we are sure every host seeker will benefit from it. We evaluate a host based on 4 criteria:- 1) customer support, 2) host features, 3) hosting performance, aka uptime and 4) Overall value. Also we do conduct interviews with existing users and take their opinion into count.

I’m Desmond and I run InsidersHostReview (IHR). I’m compensated for my hosting reviews. I earn commission through webhosting signup. Nonetheless, IHR is independently owned and all reviews, interviews are truely genuine! I give my best effort to provide the most accurate information and I recognize only the very best host. Thank you for reading!

Disclosure: we are affiliated with most of the web host here and compensated for sales through us. However reviews and interviews done are based on solid facts and genuine. We do not fake reviews/ interviews!